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Debunking Conventional Wisdom

MYTH: Thermoplastic composites are too expensive for high volume applications.
FACT: TherCom Holdings, LLC’s premier manufacturing process and adaptable product forming capabilities allow us to expand the market for thermoplastic composites into high volume applications using technology and innovations. TherCom Holdings’ extensive list of industry partners places virtually any polymer and fiber within reach.

MYTH: Existing equipment must be mothballed to process thermoplastic composites.
FACT: TherCom Holdings’ adaptable product forming capabilities allow existing equipment to be utilized with minimal modifications.

MYTH: Thermoplastic composites are hard to process.
FACT: TherCom Holdings’ products do not require the high temperatures, pressures or cycle times that are common with traditional thermoplastic composite pre-pregs.

MYTH: Thermoplastic composites can’t get full wet-out.
FACT: TherCom Holdings’ revolutionary process achieves over 99.9% wet-out fibers at production scale.

MYTH: It is too difficult and expensive to hire and train new personnel to manufacture thermoplastic composites.
FACT: With minimal training, existing thermoplastic operators can be trained to manufacture high quality, repeatable TherCom Holdings thermoplastic composite parts. TherCom Holdings’ world-class group of engineers and technicians make the technology readily accessible to its partners.

MYTH: Many applications are too complex to use thermoplastic composites.
FACT: Innovative forming capabilities combined with years of practical thermoplastic composite and other manufacturing experience allow TherCom Holdings to develop methodologies and products that not only meet the application performance requirements but also continuously manufacture to the highest quality standards with minimal scrap rates. TherCom Holdings’ true thermoplastic technology can be engineered to improve the properties of a broad range of applications.

MYTH: Thermoplastic composites are too new to be trusted.
FACT: Everything is new at one time or another, but due diligence and exacting standards, based on solid research and rigorous testing, position the new to become the next great game changer. In fact, thermoplastic composites have been in use for over a decade. Varieties of glass fiber alone exhibit tensile strengths ranging from 2400 to 4900 MPa with elongation less than 5%. In a fully wet-out thermoplastic composite, the possibilities are endless.

MYTH: You can’t make a great product quickly at a low cost.
FACT: That way of thinking would never stop a true innovator. (Think Henry Ford in 1896.)
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