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TherCom Holdings, LLC, is the result of a merger between the business management and financial resources of Resource Partners IV and the technological expertise of Groningen Partners. As a result, TherCom Holdings is now a global leader in thermoplastic composite technology. Derived directly from the aerospace industry, TherCom thermoplastic composites are now available in a wide range of other industries, including automotive, construction, manufacturing, and energy. TherCom Holdings' highly adaptable premier manufacturing process combines high speed and low cost, allowing for superior quality in formed products. TherCom Holdings has a secure position in highly competitive market segments by offering superior products while managing and solving existing client performance issues.

Imagining the Possibilities
and Changing the Future

TherCom Holdings, LLC, President, CEO, and acting CFO

  • Chairman of Caston Capital Partners
    -  Venture capital for startup companies
    -  Real estate investments
  • Founder and President of RecepTec, LLC
    -  Leading supplier of automotive electronics
    -  Three-time GM Supplier of the Year
    -  Finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year
  • EVP and CFO at Bissell, Inc.
    General manager of European operations

TherCom Holdings, LLC, Vice President and CTO

  • Over 30 years of experience in continuous fiber thermoplastic composites and related processes
    -  Seven years of material development with the
       U.S. Air Force
    -  Three years as the chief materials consultant to BASF
    -  Successful entrepreneur; developed TherCom’s
       continuous impregnation process
  • USAF Airman of the Year for work in composite materials

TherCom Holdings, LLC, Vice President of Sales

  • Mayne-McKenney VP of Sales
    -  Successfully introduced global component suppliers to
       automotive customers, resulting in impressive growth
    -  Instrumental in the growth of Mayne-McKenney from zero
       to over $45 million annually
  • Eleven years as product engineer for the
    Buick Motor Division of GM

    -  Extensive experience in product design

TherCom Holdings, LLC, Vice President of Business Development

  • Thirty-five years of experience in the glass fibers business unit of PPG Industries
    -  Twelve years in various accounting/financial positions
    -  Twenty-two years in sales/account management
    -  Extensive experience in thermoplastic composites
    -  Significant responsibilities in large global entities

TherCom Holdings, LLC, Market Development Manager

  • Seven years of global experience in the energy industry with Tenneco and El Paso Energy
    -  E&P treatment, refining, transmission and distribution
    -  Eleven years of product, material, market, and application
       development in polyethylene and polypropylene
    -  Piping
    -  Blow molding and injection molding
    -  Extrusion, thermoforming, and rotational molding
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